In this month’s BBC Focus we visit deepest Siberia, where the melting permafrost and a market for mammoth tusks is fuelling a new and dangerous trade - subscribe here.

  • What laboratory-grown ‘mini brains’ can tell us about our own grey matter and the diseases that afflict it.
  • Get yourself a serious dose of Yuletide knowledge, from cooking the perfect turkey to optimising your tinsel-to-fairylight ratio.
  • Could data-crunching warn us about the next major attack before it actually happens? New research suggests it just might.
  • Computer scientist Peter Bentley on the inscrutability of the form of AI known as deep learning.

Extinction occurs when every single member of a species dies, and is unfortunately on the rise. We are currently experiencing an ongoing sixth age of extinction with extinction rates greater than the dinosaur extinction event (K-T extinction). Sometimes referred to as the holocene or anthropocene extinction, this current event is closely linked to human activity. In particular, climate change and habitat loss. Although the future looks grim, life finds a way.

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