What's next for the human race?

Even science can’t predict the future. Or can it? Jim Al-Khalili explores the science of the future, delving into transport, medicine, geoengineering, space travel, robots and even teleportation.

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Origami batteries power up

If you’ve ever struggled to fold paper into the shape of a flying crane, you’ll already be familiar with origami. But an engineer in the US has created something a little more unusual out of folded paper: a battery.

Can robots tie their shoelaces?

Dexterous robots who can tie their own shoelaces and play intricate piano solos have so far been the preserve of science fiction. But neuroscientists in Germany have brought this vision a step closer to reality.

Introducing the world's first solar-powered battery

A battery that runs on sunshine and fresh air sounds like something from a utopian novel, along with fusion-powered hover cars and cancer-curing breakfast cereals. But that is exactly what scientists at The Ohio State University have just invented: a solar cell that stores its own power.

Smart tattoo harvests energy from your sweat

Sweating is often the sign of a good workout, but in the future it may also be a sign that your phone is charging. Scientists from the University of California have developed a temporary tattoo that generates energy as you exercise.