In the new issue of BBC Focus we speak to The Martian author Andy Weir about his new book Artemis, how he built an entire lunar base in his head before he wrote it, and how hard it is to make a decent cuppa on the Moon…

BBC Focus 315 extract

Also in this issue:

  • A future without illness - why personalised medicine is coming, and how it’s going to help us beat disease.
  • Flying cars and robot butlers - to mark our 25th birthday, we take a look at some of the future tech that’s closer than you think.
  • Us vs them: why your brain hates other people - it turns out that even the most liberal among us may have brains that harbour biases.
  • Rewild your diet - find out how eating like a hunter-gatherer can supercharge your gut and make you healthier.
  • The nuclear pioneer who escaped the Nazis - the little-known story of the Austrian physicist who launched the nuclear age.

Mars, also known as the Red Planet because of the rich iron oxide that covers its surface, is the second-smallest planet in the Solar System and one of the closest neighbours to Earth. Named after the Roman god of war, Mars has been known to humans since the age of the ancient Egyptians and has fascinated astronomers for thousands of years. Although we are yet to discover Martians, it remains one of the most important sites in the search for alien life, and has been the home of the Mars Curiosity Rover since 2012. Maybe one day, with nations like China and companies like SpaceX and Mars One investing heavily, it will be a home for humans.

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