The ultimate Christmas wishlist 2015

Looking for the ultimate list of Christmas gifts for gadget lovers? Then unwrap this collection of techno treats, with everything from Star Wars gifts, smartwatches, laptops and toys - you're sure to find something for every budget.

Climate Change: problem solved

It’s not too late to save the planet: Alistair Welch and 
Max Mueller investigate the technologies that could 
make the biggest difference to global warming and provide climate change solutions.

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How to rebuild your body with 3D-printed parts

3D printers can do more than just print metals and plastics: soon they’ll save lives too. As the 3D Printshow 2013 prepares to come to London, here’s our round-up of the cutting-edge ways in which biological printers are reshaping medicine.

Words: Sedeer El-Showk

Gadgets to get excited about in 2014

Yes, the new iPhone 5 will be out later this week, and yes, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will hit the shelves before Christmas. But that’s old news. Here’s our rundown of the most exciting gadgets arriving in 2014. 

Review: Lytro camera

The Lytro may look fairly unassuming, but it could represent the biggest step in photography since the advent of digital cameras. Sam Kieldsen gets to grips with the world’s first commercially available 'light field camera'.

The most exciting crowdfunded science projects

As research budgets tighten, more and more scientists are turning to the internet to help them fund their projects. Here, we select the most exciting crowdfunded initiatives, from unconventional landmine detonators to plants that glow in the dark.

Cyborg cockroaches to the rescue!

Disaster response teams could be recruiting workers from the insect world in the future. A motion-sensing system developed by researchers at North Carolina State University transforms cockroaches into ‘biobots’, which could scurry into a disaster site and look for survivors.