Food science special: tuck into everything about eating

Everybody eats, but how much do you really know about what food goes in, what your body does with it, and everything in between?  

10th July 2017
Food science week © Getty Images

The great Grecian physician Hippocrates is known to have said "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," but his knowledge was just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce?) when it comes to what we know about food science today. Whether is it the power for food to control our moods, how it metabolises in our bodies or what makes it taste so good, there are so many questions that scientists have answered about our daily dinner. This week we'll be focusing our attention on breakfast, lunch and dinner (with a few biscuits in between) with a full menu of fascinating facts and provocative features for you to digest - tuck in!  

Are cookies as addictive as cocaine?

Are cookies as addictive as cocaine? © REX

It’s common to hear people describe themselves as ‘chocoholics’, or say they’re ‘hooked’ on a particular fizzy drink. But is it really possible to be addicted to food?

Five foods that could save the planet (and five more that definitely won’t)

Food science planet

The never-ending deluge of information about our food choices can be baffling, so what are the best foods to eat if we want to save the planet, and which should we avoid?

The Angry Chef on debunking food myths

The Angry Chef

Anthony Warner is a chef, an angry one, and in his new book he wants to bin the bad science behind fad diets.

How to avoid a soggy bottom (and other baking disasters) using science

Love Productions/BBC
© Love Productions/BBC

We love The Great British Bake Off, so we asked our team of specialists to put a pinny on and bake up some answers to the most delicious questions about cake.

The artificial meat factory

the artificial meat factory infographic © Getty Images
© Getty Images

In 2013 the first lab-grown burger was served up, so where are our synthetic steaks now? We look at the cultured meat market and the race to mass-produce in-vitro meat.

Is cannibalism more natural than we think?

The First Representation of the People of the New World, 1505, by Johann Froschauer © The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images
© The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images

It’s one of the last great taboos and a mainstay of horror films. But, as zoologist Bill Schutt reveals in his new book, cannibalism is an oft-misunderstood topic…

How to make the perfect sandwich

A perfect sandwich is more than just bread and filling. Daniel Bennett reveals the rigorously researched methods of making a sarnie fit for a scientist.

Is anything good for you anymore?

Is anything good for you anymore? © Magic Torch
© Magic Torch

The internet is stuffed with confusing information about food. Dr Michael Mosley and Dr Saleyha Ahsan from Trust Me, I’m A Doctor are here to help.

8 surprising uses for your poo

8 surprising uses for your poo
© GENeco

What goes in must come out and every day we could be flushing millions of pounds in poop down our collective loos. Zoe Cormier examines eight ways the world can harness human waste.

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