Robotic exoskeleton set to kick off World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony in Brazil promises to be one of the most spectacular of all time. If all goes to plan, a young paraplegic Brazilian in a mind-controlled exoskeleton will stride across the pitch and take the opening kick of the competition.

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Preview: Meta Spaceglasses

Google Glass may be grabbing all the headlines, but it’s not the only form of wearable technology on the way. Take Meta, for instance, a futuristic-looking headset that will offer a ‘mediated reality’ experience when it launches early next year.

How do computer viruses work?

Some viruses attack the computer’s boot sector, the area on the hard drive that hosts the code for the start-up routine. Such a root code virus causes havoc because it runs itself every time you switch on the computer. Other viruses are hidden in emails, games or attached documents.