Medicine saw great advances over the course of the nineteenth century with many discoveries such as anaesthetic and germ theory saving the lives of many who took to the operating table, but it also played host to the rise of the surgeon from the work of a barber to that of the aristocracy.

Richard Barnett follows this golden age of surgery in the follow up to his 2014 award winning book, The Sick Rose, with this collection of beautiful but truly gruesome medical illustrations taken from rare surgical textbooks in The Wellcome Collection archive.

So if you’re of strong stomach and inquisitive mind (and willing to see eyeballs pierced, toes hacked off and intestines inspected) come right this way.

See incredible images from The Sick Rose

All images © Wellcome Collection

Crucial Interventions: An Illustrated Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Surgery by Richard Barnett and The Wellcome Collection is available now for £19.95 hardback