10 Wonder Materials

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30th May 2013

10 Materials That Will Change the World

In labs around the world, scientists are manipulating matter at smaller and smaller scales, creating substances with truly mind-bending properties. From programmable matter to cloaking devices and self-healing concrete, these materials are set to transform our lives. In the July issue of Focus, we reveal the top 10 most influential materials of the future.

PLUS Prof Mark Miodownik on the 20th century's most significant materials.

How to Buy Happiness

It turns out that money can buy you happiness – you just have to know how to spend it. We look at the surprising new science of spending, which shows that it's not necessarily how much money you have that matters, but what you buy with it. So hold fire before splashing out on that new kitchen...

Our Future Underground

With the Earth's surface becoming increasingly crowded, city planners and architects are starting to look underground for a solution. Do you fancy living in a 65-storey ‘Earth-Scraper’? How about lava tubes on Mars? We look at the subterranean dwellings that we might one day be calling home.

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Exclusive to the iPad edition of Focus this month...

  • Watch some of our top 10 wonder materials in action
  • Hear Prof Mark Miodownik talk about the materials that shaped our past
  • See more incredible star trail photos taken by ISS astronaut Don Pettit
  • Listen to James Davies discussing his new book Cracked: Why Psychiatry is Doing More Harm Than Good


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