Free Will: The Greatest Illusion?

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30th April 2015

Free will: the greatest illusion?

Neuroscientists peering into our brains are becoming ever more convinced that free will is an illusion; simply a creation of our mind that allows us a sense of control. Inside the June 2015 issue of Focus, we delve into the science to find out more...

How to make anything bulletproof

Since its invention half a century ago, Kevlar has saved many lives. But a new generation of materials could offer even more protection, from bullet-squashing black diamond to designs inspired by the natural world.

Truth will out

In his new book, former CIA officer Philip Houston reveals how to get anyone to tell you the truth. With the average person reportedly being lied to 200 times a day, his tips are sure to come in handy...

Also inside this issue:

The oldest human? An exciting new find in Ethiopia
Microbes on the move: The zoo of bacteria inside every home
Going underground: The secret world beneath your feet
A moon for the Moon: NASA's craziest idea yet?
Magnificent motors: The cars that will change the world


Q&A: Can déjà vu be explained?
MegaPixel: Awe-inspiring images from the world of science
Tech Hub: The arrival of 5G
To Do List: Earth's Natural Wonders on BBC One
How Do We Know: The existence of black holes?

Exclusive to the iPad and iPhone editions of Focus this month...

  • Hear Nick Lane discuss the four-billion-year history of life on Earth
  • See extra images of industrial landscapes from the sky
  • Watch videos of the latest breakthroughs in science and technology


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