The Science of Zombies

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4th April 2013

The Science of Zombies

Think that zombies only exist in books and films? Well, you may be surprised to discover that the living dead are based on science fact. In May's cover feature, we explore the scientific origins behind zombies and four other terrifying monsters.

Masters of Mind Control

Fifty years after Project MKUltra, we explore how new technology is opening up the frightening possibility of true mind manipulation. We know what you're thinking...

10 Accidental Inventions

It's seventy-five years since a scientist accidentally discovered a new wonder material: Teflon. To celebrate, we look at nine other fortunate discoveries, from text messaging to viagra. 

Also inside this issue:

Megatsunami: The giant tidal wave that could swamp Britain
Secrets of the aurora: New insights into the heavenly light displays
Life after death: We speak to the man with proof
Fitness gadgets: We put the latest generation of health monitors through their paces


How Do We Know: Earth's frozen past
Discoveries: Revealing the secrets of the Russian meteor
MegaPixel: Awe-inspiring images from the world of science
Q&A: What's the world's toughest animal?
To Do List: Plan your month ahead with our expert guide
Tech Hub: A first look at the Razer Edge gaming tablet

Exclusive to the iPad edition of Focus this month...

  • Watch us put the Fitbit One gadget through its paces
  • Hear author Matt Kaplan talk about real-life zombies
  • See some incredible extra pics of Rex the bionic man

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