In Search of the Shadow Universe

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9th January 2014

In Search of the Shadow Universe

What if there's a hidden universe right beneath our noses? A shadowy world where dark matter clumps together to form invisible stars, invisible planets and even invisible life. That's the bold claim of physicists in the US trying to make sense of dark matter, which makes up the vast majority of the matter in the Universe. Find out more inside this month's Focus.

PLUS What is dark matter? Become an expert in five minutes.

How to Beat the Lurgy

If you've just sneezed at your screen, don't despair. We reveal the science that will help you keep the bugs at bay and survive the seasonal barrage of ailments. Come down with a cold? Fed up with the flu? Then you need to read our guide!

Preparing for Mars

It's only a matter of time before the first humans head towards Mars, and preparation is well underway. In some of the remotest corners of the world, researchers are flocking to try out the Martian way of life, working, sleeping and eating as if they're on Mars itself. We reveal why the quest to conquer the Red Planet starts on Earth.

Also inside this issue:

Dolphins: Are they really all that smart?
The mystery hum: What's causing the strange humming noise?
Beyond HD: Hyperreal TVs with four times more pixels
Quantum computing: The revolution is here


How Do We Know: What stars are made of?
Q&A: Are biscuits addictive?
MegaPixel: Awe-inspiring images from the world of science
Tech Hub: We get our hands on the Sony PlayStation 4
To Do List: Secrets of Bones on BBC Four

Exclusive to the iPad edition of Focus this month...

  • Listen to acoustic engineer Trevor Cox discuss his quest for the world's weirdest sounds
  • Play our interactive 'What's That Sound?' quiz
  • See exclusive photos in our spectacular MegaPixel section


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