Surviving Space

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24th February 2017

Surviving space

What are the risks experienced by humans who visit space, and how could we solve these problems?

Your quantum brain

Quantum physics is weird. But some research suggests that it could help us decipher the organ between our ears.

Miracle microbes

Bacteria aren’t just the culprits behind nasty infections and tummy upsets. These microbes could also help us cure illness, tackle wildfires, clear landmines, and more.

There’s something in the air

The news has been filled with stories of our cities’ filthy air. Are things really that bad?

Understand water

More than 70 per cent of our planet is covered in water, and sometimes we forget just what a weird and wonderful substance it is.


Can any plants live without sunlight?

Why do we shrink as we age?

Does sucking your thumb really ruin your teeth?

What is dark energy?


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