What To Eat To Save The Planet

What To Eat To Save The Planet
On sale date:
6th June 2017

What to eat to save the planet

Could a vegan diet be better for the environment, or should we keep tucking into burgers?

The naked mole rat’s guide to eternal life

These sabre-toothed sausages have many secrets up their wrinkly sleeves.

Unnatural selection

Climate change, urbanisation and poaching are having a surprising impact on some of our planet’s animal life.

Digging for electricity

Could the lithium mines of Bolivia be the site of the next ‘gold rush’?

Jeff Forshaw and Brian Cox’s guide to the cosmos

In the final part of our exclusive series, Jeff Forshaw and Brian Cox investigate the start of space, time and everything.


  • How do microbeads affect fish?
  • Could you walk on a neutron star?
  • Can eating a lot of sugar lead to diabetes?


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