You Are Not Alone

BBC Focus 319 - You Are Not Alone
On sale date:
7th March 2018

You are not alone

Why is loneliness reaching epic proportions?

Prepare for grolar bears

We all know about melting ice caps, but what are some other consequences of climate change?

Stress-proof your life

Put your feet up and find out how to protect your body and your brain from the daily grind.

A story of ice and fire

There’s a lot more to temperature than feeling hot or cold.

Can we stop natural disasters?

Thousands of people die from natural disasters every year. We find out if science can help.

Adam Rutherford interview

We speak to Adam Rutherford, science consultant of upcoming drama Annihilation.

DIY science

To celebrate British Science Week, try out some of our fabulous home experiments!


  • Do caterpillars have a sex before they become butterflies?
  • Where is the centre of the Universe?
  • Do plants think?


Eye opener - Beautiful images from around the planet.

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Michael Mosley - Is turmeric a wonder food or a hipster fad?

Innovations - This month’s coolest tech and gadgets.

Helen Czerski - This month, Helen grabs a spoon and mixes up some hot chocolate.

Out there - This month’s best science activities.

Crossword - It’s like a gym for your brain.

Life scientific - Dr Zoe Williams from Trust Me, I’m A Doctor chats to us about healthy eating, exercise, and being a Gladiator.