Bitcoin value is climbing all the time, with one Bitcoin now worth more than £7,000. In the new issue of BBC Focus we find out whether it’s worth taking the plunge into this emerging form of currency - subscribe here.

Also in this issue:

- Our star defies the laws of nature. It’s time to find out why.

- Michael Mosley tries a month of sobriety to see if it really improves his health.

- Got a little bit of post-Christmas podge? Put down the diet book and read our tips.

- Can you get hooked on tech, and is it possible to improve your relationship with your phone?

- Get to grips with gravitational waves, exoplanets and black holes.

Some say money is the root of all evil, others profess that it cannot buy happiness, and yet to many they would say that it’s what makes the world go around. So how does cash affect the way we live our lives, for better or for worse? The science of money might hold the answers, but it won’t come cheap…