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10 of the best quiz collections and puzzle books 2020

Top puzzle books for adults and kids, picked by our quiz-loving team.

Looking for a gift for your puzzle-loving friend? Or perhaps you’ve found yourself with more time on your hands recently and have heard that brain teasers sharpen your mind and improve your problem-solving.


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The best science quiz and puzzle books out now

So You Think You’ve Got Problems?

So You Think You’ve Got Problems? Alex Bellos, £14.99, Faber & Faber

Alex Bellos

£14.99, Faber & Faber

Take a tour around some of the most popular genres of puzzle in So You Think You’ve Got Problems? by BBC radio presenter Alex Bellos. You’ll have to puzzle your way off desert islands and out of prisons and mazes, use your mind’s eye to solve geometry puzzles, and tackle new twists on the famous Monty Hall probability problem.

The book comes with not only answers, but (for some of them) explanations of how to tackle similar problems to point you along your way.


Conundrum, Brian Clegg, £8.99, Icon Books

Brian Clegg

£8.99, Icon Books

How are your code-breaking skills? In Conundrum, Brian Clegg challenges you to decode a series of secret messages, and then string together the solutions to find the answer to the final round. Each chapter has a theme, from physics and chemistry to television and politics.

Don’t worry if you’ve never even decoded a simple substitution cipher before. The first section of the book will take you through the most common types of code and cipher and the basics of solving them, and there are plenty of hints for when you get stuck.

Try a selection of puzzles from Conundrum here:

Only Connect: The Official Quiz Book and Only Connect: The Difficult Second Quiz Book

Only Connect: The Official Quiz Book and Only Connect: The Difficult Second Quiz Book, Jack Waley-Cohen and David McGaughey, £14.99, BBC Books

Jack Waley-Cohen and David McGaughey

£9.99, BBC Books

Train yourself to win an episode of Only Connect, the BBC’s fiendish quiz hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell. Both books of puzzles get you to find the connections, finish the sequences, defeat the Connecting Walls and decode the phrases with missing vowels.

The puzzles are classics taken from the TV programme, arranged in increasing difficulty. Start with a warm-up from the first heat, and gradually work your way up to questions worthy of the final round. Give one a try:

Only Connect: The Official Quiz Book Jack Waley-Cohen £14.99, BBC Books

Puzzle: The titles of four nursery rhymes have had their vowels removed and their consonants respaced. How quickly can you decipher them?

The Round Britain Quiz Book

The Round Britain Quiz Book Paul Bajoria £12.99, BBC Books

Paul Bajoria

£12.99, BBC Books

Like in the BBC radio quiz of the same name, you must tackle diabolical cryptic clues to find the connection between a series of people or objects.

Put your general knowledge and problem-solving skills to the test and see how many conundrums you can solve. Don’t worry if you can’t figure out the answer, though – each one comes with a full explanation.

The Penguin Book of Puzzles

Dr Gareth Moore

£12.99, Michael Joseph

A feast of brainteasers from across the centuries, including a few types that have… fallen out of puzzle fashion, shall we say? Be prepared to work with farthings and florins, nautical miles and drachms, as you make your way through this collection of puzzles from the annuls of history.

For puzzle veterans and novices alike, The Penguin Book of Puzzles will test you with riddles and word games, maths challenges, logic conundrums and more. Try your hand at one below.

The Penguin Book Of Puzzles Dr Gareth Moore £12.99, Michael Joseph

Puzzle: Place each number from 1 to 9 into the cells (a different single number in each cell) so that the indicated equations are correct. Evaluate from left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

The GCHQ puzzle books

The GCHQ puzzle books £12.99, Penguin

£12.99, Penguin

Flex your codebreaking muscles with GCHQ’s two books of brainteasers, taken from the Headquarters’ own archives.

There are ciphers and substitution codes, as well as numeracy and literacy tests – plus hints for when you, inevitably, find yourself stuck.

Puzzle Ninja

Alex Bellos

£8.99, Guardian Faber

Try your hand at over 200 challenges from the puzzle masters of Japan. Puzzle types are rated easy to excruciating, and there’s not a sudoku in sight.

Alex Bellos actually travelled to Tokyo to meet some of the best puzzle teachers and solvers alive today. Will completing this book add you to that list? Put your skills to the test with this extracted puzzle:

Puzzle Ninja Alex Bellos £14.99, Guardian Faber

Puzzle: Divide a grid into L-shaped tiles, like the one above, made up of four cells each. Every white cell must be in an L-shaped tile, with no cells left over. Probably best to use a pencil!

AA British Road Map Puzzle Book

AA British Road Map Puzzle Book, Helen Brocklehurst, £14.99, Little, Brown

Helen Brocklehurst

£14.99, Little, Brown

Do you miss the days before sat-navs, when you could navigate the length of the country with just a paper road map? The AA British Road Map Puzzle Book is the book for anyone with fond memories of route-finding the old-fashioned way.

There are word puzzles, cryptic clues, pub quiz-style British geography questions, word searches, and, of course, plenty of picture-searching puzzles that will test your map-reading skills.

The Sherlock Holmes puzzle series

The Sherlock Holmes puzzle series Pierre Berloquin £6.99, Wellfleet Press

Pierre Berloquin

£6.99, Wellfleet Press

For fans of the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle detective series comes a collection of puzzles inspired by Holmes’ most popular cases and adventures.

There are currently four books to test your PI skills, with over 100 puzzles in each: Code Breakers, Math & Logic Games, Visual Puzzles, and Lateral Brain Teasers.

Richard Osman’s House of Games

Richard Osman’s House of Games Richard Osman and Alan Connor £14.99, BBC Books

Richard Osman and Alan Connor

£9.99, BBC Books

Based on the BBC TV quiz of the same name, with a mix of games from the series and new ones created especially for this book, there’s sure to be something you and your family will enjoy – and it’s suitable for all ages, too.

These games are perfect for the family that doesn’t want to sit around the fire pondering tricky clues together, but prefers something more lively. And once you’ve found a game you all really like, you can even quite easily come up with your own variations on it.

The best books of all time

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