Heated socks can help you avoid some of the coldness of the coming months, especially with the increasing cost of our energy bills.

Covering ourselves in warmer clothes can have a huge impact on how often we need to heat our homes, and they can also be helpful when spending time outdoors or engaging in cold activities and sports.

The type of warmth provided by heated socks can vary, depending on their technology.

  • Electric socks: These bring heat right to your feet, often using heating wires embedded into the socks' fabric. They can be rechargeable or battery-powered, but we prefer rechargeable heated socks for added reliability.
  • Thermal socks: These are able to maintain the warmth of your feet, using thick materials and heat insulation to keep you as warm as possible.

We've included a selection of both electric and thermal socks, so read on for our top picks for toasty toes.

Best heated socks to buy in 2023

Barchi Heat: Heated Socks

Barchi Heat Heated Socks

These heated socks are rechargeable, using a 2200mAh lithium battery to electrically heat your toes and feet. There are three temperature settings to choose from, with the lowest setting starting at 40°C and the highest setting going up to 65°C.

The socks, promising to be water-resistant, are said to be suitable for outdoor activities like skiing and camping, as well as being able to be machine washed once the battery is removed. The socks are heated by wires woven into the toes, forefoot and instep.

Thermic Powersocks

Thermic Powersocks

Guaranteed to distribute heat evenly across the foot, the Thermic Powersocks can warm your feet for up to eight hours at one time. The socks are designed with cushioned reinforcement for added comfort, with a heat transfer system for optimum circulation.

The Thermic Powersocks come with two rechargeable S-Pack 700 batteries, with a USB charger cable included.

ISOPHO Heated Socks

ISOPHO Heated Socks

With two rechargeable batteries, the ISOPHO Heated Socks are able to warm your feet 40 seconds after being turned on. It's heated via a heating sheet in the front part of the sole, using thin micro-wires to help keep the electric elements unnoticeable.

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Made from 80 per cent cotton, 15 per cent polyester fibre and 5 per cent spandex - they're promised to be comfortably thick, flexible, sweat-wicking and moisture-absorptive. The socks have three adjustable heating settings between 45°C and 55°C and can stay warm for six to twelve hours.

Heat Holders

Heat Holders

One of the more popular choices for thermal socks, Heat Holders have become well-known for offering reliable and comfortable warmth. They're made using a heavy bulk yarn with a 2.34-tog rating and long pile cushioning for added comfort and support.

The socks are also non-binding, meaning there's no elastic band at the top, so these socks are diabetic-friendly and can help provide warmth for people with circulation problems.

Woolpower Socks 800

Woolpower Socks 800

Woolpower uses merino wool, along with synthetic fibres, to offer comfortable thermal footwear that's odour-neutral and won't itch on the skin.

The Woolpower Socks 800, with their thick fabrics, are also said to regulate the perspiration levels of your feet thanks to their moisture absorption technology.

L.L. Bean Adult Bean Boot Socks

L.L. Bean Adult Bean Boot Socks

Covering your feet in soft merino lambswool, these boot socks are designed to keep you warm in comfort. A Lycra elastane and stretch nylon blend holds the socks in place and helps them retain their shape over time, with fibres to help fight odour.

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