Whether it's for you, your child or as a gift for someone else, a science poster can be a great way to liven up a room, visually convey complicated concepts or simply project your love of the sciences! There are plenty of options out there, spanning chemistry, physics, biology and more. While some are more focused on the information, others give you a simple and stylish image that can enscuplate a scientific topic.


We've picked out some of the best science posters around right now, ranging from the classics like the periodic table and maps of the Solar System through to free posters from NASA, functional DNA explainers and artistic interpretations of the brain.

The 9 best science posters

Periodic table of elements poster

periodic table of elements poster

When it comes to scientific posters, a periodic table of elements is one of the most obvious choices available. These posters cover the walls of many science classrooms and for a budding chemist, this A3 version could be a great investment. It labels all of the elements in a colourful layout on a laminated poster and you can choose to upgrade to an A2 or A1 size version if you know you'll need something a bit bigger.

Map of the Solar system poster

map of the solar system

Struggling to remember the order of the planets? Want to know what makes up a comet? Or maybe you just want to know what is inside the Sun. This poster covers the Solar System, comet anatomy and Kuiper Belt and is a great addition to a home, office or classroom.

More like this

Vivid Biology mitochondrial chromosomes poster

illustration of the mitochondrial chromosome

The brand Vivid Biology has a huge array of science posters, all of which examine a scientific concept from a more artistic approach than most science posters. With its mitochondrial chromosomes poster, you get an artistic and modern illustration of the organelles that end up generating energy in the majority of complex organisms. This piece was originally created for a trade exposition called SynBioExpo but now you can get your own copy for the home.

DNA informational poster

Poster detailing the parts of DNA

This poster from the Daydream Education Store is meant for the classroom but it could be a great addition anywhere you want a science poster. It breaks down the key components of DNA in lots of detail, examining the nucleus, genome, DNA and more. While it isn't the most aesthetic science poster out there, it is full of useful information for someone trying to understand how DNA works.

Telescopic Moon map poster

A poster of a map detailing the parts of the moon

This telescopic Moon map poster gives you a detailed analysis of the different mountains, craters, lakes and other parts that make up the Moon. It offers up a key at the bottom to help you locate and name the key parts of the Moon. This map is styled in an old fashioned black and white print, blending information with a stylish design that will add a touch of class to any room it is added to.

NASA Visions of the future posters

  • Print posters for free from NASA

These posters differ slightly from the other options on this list and that's because they're free! NASA has a collection of prints that you can download for free but while you're not paying for them, you do have to print them yourselves (or get them printed somewhere). This means you lose out on the poster quality paper you would get with a lot of the other options on this list. Alternatively, Amazon offers 16 of the prints on proper poster paper in A4 and A3 sizes.

NASA has 20 downloadable posters available to you under the project 'Visions of the Future'. These range from travel style posters for other planets through to retro clock posters and more. Nine artists, designers and illustrators were brought in to help make these posters, all offering a different and unique design.

Human Brain regions poster

Illustration of the regions of the brain

Another science poster from the brand Vivid Biology. This is an artistic representation of the different regions of the brain. It uses illustrations to depict sections for creativity, critical thinking and other areas of the brain. While it isn't the most accurate way of looking at how the brain is split up, it is a stylish science poster for both the classroom and the home.

Hubble space telescope image poster

Image of space taken by the Hubble

This will be a great poster for fans of space. Put simply, it is a photo taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. It captures a bright blue newly formed cluster of stars that are blowing a cavity in the centre of a star-forming region. This poster comes in a A2 format so will be a great size for anyone looking for something a bit bigger than the average science poster available.

Black and white anatomy posters

Black and white posters of human anatomy

These black and white anatomy posters are great value for money, getting you three separate posters in one affordable price. You can choose from an array of different combinations for these three including the arm, back and leg or the brain, heart and lungs.

You can choose to get them framed or just get the print. Each print includes a black and white drawing of the anatomy plus a description of what it does.

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