If you're tired of missing the keyhole in the dark, have a habit of losing your keys altogether, or simply want to do away with the chunky keyring jangling in your pocket, now may be the time to invest in a smart lock.


A smart lock will not only replace the old school lock and key with a slimline card, a keycode or even a fingerprint scanner, some will even alert you when a person is entering the building for added security, or can let you invite people inside remotely, which is pretty convenient.

Whether your priority is protecting your home or making sure your packages are safe by letting a delivery driver inside, we’ve put together our selection of the best smart locks available in 2022.

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Best smart locks to buy in 2022

Ruveno Slim Fingerprint Door Lock

Ruveno Slim Smart Fingerprint Door Lock on white background

This smart lock provides six ways of entering your home, ranging from the conventional mechanical key and physical key card, to the cooler options which include a fingerprint scanner.

Able to hold up to 200 sets of fingerprints, you’ll be able to create a list of those you want to have immediate access to your door, whether that includes family members and housemates, or an emergency contact.

Powered by AAA batteries, they claim the juice will last to cover between 5,000-6,000 unlocks so they shouldn’t run out any time soon, with an emergency USB charging port option so you don’t find yourself locked out when they eventually fade.

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The paired app, which is compatible with iOS and Android, will also send security alerts to let you know when someone unexpected has accessed the smart lock.

Samsung Digital Door Lock

Samsung Digital Door Lock on white background

A digital handle from Samsung, this smart lock can store the details of 21 users, giving access to those who need it, and keeping out those who don’t.

Use the touchscreen to add your personal code into the numeric keypad and it will let you in before automatically locking the door again behind you.

Designed with security in mind, they claim this smart lock is pick-proof and tested to endure any bumps. A durable set-up, it also has an intrusion alarm that will be set off if anyone does try to gain unauthorised access.

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock

Yale Keyless Smart Lock on white background

Available in polished brass or satin nickel, this smart lock from Yale gives you a variety of ways to unlock your door, without the need to carry a key. Instead you can gain access with a Yale key tag or key card which are included, or a pin code that can contain between 4 and 10 digits.

Thanks to the light on the touch pad you should be able to see what you're doing day or night, and you can even set a temporary 24-hour code if you're expecting guests. Powered by four AA batteries, the system will let you know if they're beginning to run low.

Igloohome Mortice 2 121-IGM3 Smart Door Lock

igloohome smart lock on white background

Unlock your front door with your smartphone, thanks to this modern lock from Igloohome. It's compatible with both iOS and Android – just make sure they're up to date (you'll need iOS 11 or later, or Android 6 or later).

There's also the option of a PIN code if you don't want to pair your device, which is useful if you'd like to share access with friends and family. If you're looking to protect an Airbnb-listed property, you can also create a schedule of temporary codes on your Igloohome account to make sure your guests have access.

For peace of mind, the smart lock is tamper-proof and will set off an alarm if anyone tries to meddle with the mortice, and the door will unlock automatically if it detects temperatures of 50-70°C inside, to keep you safe from potential fires.

Yale Linus Smart Lock

Yale Linus Smart Lock on white background

Want to lock or unlock the door when you're nowhere near it? Then the Yale Linus may be the smart lock for you. Once it's paired with the Yale Access app you can let friends and family inside wherever you are, or even open the door to trusted delivery drivers so your parcels aren't left outside.

A few things to bear in mind with this lock: you will need to hire a professional installer, and not all doors are compatible. Thankfully Yale has a compatibility checker so you can make sure before you make a purchase. You will also need the Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge to get this up and running.

Kwikset Smart Code Deadbolt

kwikset smart lock on white background

Use your smartphone or a simple PIN to enter your home with this deadbolt from Kwikset. Featuring a back-lit keypad so you can get inside either day or night without the need to carry a key, you can also lock or unlock your door from anywhere at all thanks to the remote system.

Once the door has been opened you can set it to automatically lock again after 30 seconds, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it open, ruining the point of an advanced lock.

It also gives you the choice of programming 30 separate codes so you can hand them out to friends and family or anyone you trust with access to your property.

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S

igloohome smart deadbolt 2s on white background

This sleek smart lock from Igloohome has a variety of ways to let you inside, including Bluetooth or a PIN code, but it also works offline to ensure you have access even if your device has run out of battery.

With an automatic re-lock function you don't have to sit up in a panic and wonder if you've locked up after yourself, and there's even the option for a decoy code, so you can throw off anyone standing nearby who looks a little suspicious.

Roughshi Smart Lock with Deadbolt

Roughshi smartlock on white background

Unlocking things with your fingerprint never gets boring, so why not use this modern function to access your front door with this smart lock and deadbolt from Roughshi? There’s also the more obvious methods of entering such as a passcode and door card if you'd like to share access with others, which you can set remotely - especially convenient if you're hosting a property and have a variety of different visitors.


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