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What do you want your next smartphone to do? © iStock

What do you want your next smartphone to do?

Published: 18th February, 2016 at 14:00
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New research reveals most wireless charging the most-wanted feature for smartphones in 2016. Do you agree?

Anybody who has seen their phone unceremoniously die in front of their eyes during a critical play in Candy Crush (read: everybody) knows that smartphone batteries have the power to ruin your day.


In fact, results from a recent survey of 2,000 smartphone users by Carphone Warehouse suggest that when it comes to making a new phone purchases, 75% of people said battery life was still a key factor, and more than half would pay more per month for a sustainable battery.

It comes to no surprise then that when asked what their most-wanted feature on a new phone would be, they picked out a more seamless way to charge their phones top. So wireless charging mats for all, eh!

Below are the other most desirable smartphone features for 2016, but let us know in the poll at the bottom of the page which ones you would most like to see:

  • Wireless charging – 22%
  • Seamless interaction with connected devices – 21%
  • Contactless payment – 17%
  • An exercise companion – 13%
  • Ability to drive/control car – 10%

Security was also another feature that played heavily on people’s minds, with more than half the respondents preferring fingerprint recognition to traditional passcodes.

Jeremy Fennell, Managing Director of Carphone Warehouse, says: “Whilst we’re all eagerly awaiting the latest technological innovations to come out at Mobile World Congress, it’s clear the expectation is for handsets to step-up and become truly smart by acting as the remote control for our connected lives.”

We’ll let you know if we can see any of these features on the horizon when we visit MWC 2016 next week.


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