What is meant by 'the geoweb''? © Getty Images

What is meant by the term ‘geoweb’?

'Geospatial web' is the term used to describe the merging of location-based information with the information accessed on the internet.

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Geoweb, or ‘Geographic web’, describes how the information you access online is increasingly relevant to where you are. For some time, entertainment and restaurant recommendation listings have responded to your location by tracing you through your web connection. But the most recent shift to location-based content has come about because devices like mobile phones are increasingly equipped with GPS technology. Now there are sites like Brightkite.com, where you ‘check in’ with your whereabouts. It’s a bit like updating your status on Facebook, but you’re also saying where you are. Your whereabouts are then charted on an interactive map. Another popular geoweb service, www.dopplr.com, is aimed at regular travellers. Tell it where you’re going and it matches you up to people who’ll be there at the same time. The philosophy is that you need never have a beer on your own in a strange city ever again.


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