Will flying cars ever become a reality? © Getty Images

Will flying cars ever become a reality?

Zooming around the skies in your car is still far off.

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There are already some prototypes like the LaBiche Aerospace ‘Flying Sports Car’ FSC-1. So far, the people behind LaBiche have built scale models, but the ultimate concept is for the vehicle to drive like a high-performance sports car, hitting speeds up to 280km/h (174mph). Then, at the touch of a button, wings fold out from underneath and a V-shaped tailplane emerges from the car’s rear. As an aircraft, the car will be capable of 450km/h (280mph) at 18,000ft altitude.

Many other flying car models have been proposed. Alongside technical challenges, there are regulatory issues to overcome. Operators would need pilot qualifications alongside their conventional driving licences. And, as flying cars take to the skies, aviation authorities would have to regulate the marked increase in air traffic.


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