super fun DIY science experiments to try at home with the kids © Getty Images

15 super fun DIY science experiments for kids to try at home

Looking for some cool science projects to do with the kids? Be prepared to get your hands dirty with these fun and easy science experiments.

Budding scientists will be stuck in their homes over the foreseeable future, self isolating and social distancing while the coronavirus pandemic trundles on.  But just because you don’t have a drawer full of test tubes and a spare bunsen burner in the cupboard doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a spot of DIY science at home.

We’ve pulled together some fun and easy science experiments for kids, which should keep them suitably entertained.

If you do decide to don your lab coat apron and tackle one of these cool science projects, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – hopefully they’ll turn out a little better than poor Gail’s attempt to make a cupcake

This one really is the acid test.

We christen you Soapy McSoapface.


Build one of these and watch all your hard work go up in smoke.

This sounds like a very attractive activity.

Who couldn't resist a quick cupcake?!

Head back to the swinging 60s and build your own DIY lava lamp - groovy!

This is one to really sink your tusks into.

This science experiment definitely won't end with a bang.

Create crazy shapes and weird blobs of matter with this fun ferrofluid experiment.

Try not to spill this one on your genes.

We often hear about the dangers of sugary soft drinks, but this eye-opening experiment shows you that all acidic drinks can be bad for your pearly whites – even the ones you thought were healthy.

It might not be as massive as a 500,000kg white cumulus cloud, but it is perfectly possible to make your own cloud in a used drinks bottle.

Slime is great fun to play with, and its properties are underpinned by some serious science.

Try not to let this one put you off your corn flakes.

Spark the imagination for pennies.