Instant Genius: Aliens

Everything you need to know about aliens, including first contact, what they'd look like and the mysterious planets they could live on.

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Here are even more fantastic features about extra-terrestrials that we think you’ll love:

If we're going to spend time and resources searching for extraterrestrial life, we should know what happens when we make alien contact.

Adam Rutherford searches for the truth behind the Hollywood science of aliens in the new book ALIENS, Science Asks: Is Anyone Out There?, edited by Professor Jim Al-Khalili.


Hey E.T., why so shy? If alien life is out there, why have we not found it yet? Here are five possible reasons...

Think all alien arrivals are here to take over the planet? Think again, here are some extra terrestrials we would genuinely welcome with open arms (most of the time).

We’ve yet to make contact with ET, but scientists and mathematicians have been hard at work figuring out how to say ‘hello’ when the time comes.