Instant Genius: Brain Tech

Everything you need to know about upgrading your brain, from how your brain could merge with technology to whether we can talk to coma patients.

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Here are even more fantastic features about body upgrades that we think you’ll love:

What are the ethics behind monitoring someone’s every thought, deed and emotion?

Brain hacking technologies have the potential to help those who suffer from a stroke, epilepsy, paralysis or depression.


The 28-year-old said taking his first steps in the suit felt like being the ‘first man on the Moon’.

Scientists discover what happens to our neural circuitry when we learn to use robotic upgrades.

Are Silicon Valley CEOs who "hack" their lifestyle cracking the code of productivity, or are they simply risking their health? Dr Saleyha Ahsan, presenter of Trust Me, I'm a Doctor and…

We talk to Mark O’Connell about transhumanism, the evolution of the human species and his Wellcome Book Prize-shortlisted book To Be A Machine.