Instant Genius: Dinosaurs

Everything you need to know about dinosaurs, from how they thought, to what Jurassic Park got wrong.

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Jurassic Park had some lofty ambitions, but in reality cloning even a recently extinct animal is much more problematic than it sounds.

The mystery of dark matter has long been a cause of confusion and debate. Yet now, the blame for something entirely unexpected has been pinned on this phenomenon.


Scientists have discovered that feathery dinosaurs were even more widespread than previously thought.

New discoveries of dinosaurs’ colours and patterns are revealing how these ancient technicolour beasts lived.

Whatever Jurassic Park would have you believe, dinosaurs roaming the Earth today might need a bit more puff if they want to catch up with hapless tourists.

The scans reveal that the dinosaurs’ skulls developed in a remarkably similar way to those of today’s chickens, crocodiles, and lizards.

The discovery of the remains of the first aquatic dinosaur, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, in Morocco has been described as ‘game-changing’.

The T. Rex might be king of the dinosaurs, but it looks like his court was home to more than a few jesters - here are some of the weirdest dinosaurs to have roamed the planet.

Though the creators of Jurassic World felt no need to include feathered dinosaurs in the latest films, were they to feature some of the fluffier dinosaurs (in appearance only, of course) there’d be…

The Natural History Museum's 'Dippy' the diplodocus skeleton is about to be become a giant 3D jigsaw.

T. rex's extraordinary senses helped it to be one of the greatest hunters to walk the Earth.

To be fair, brachiosauruses did eat more than their share of greens to help them grow larger.

Dinosaurs weren’t just green and black. Recent research allowed scientists to unveil the true colours of one of these prehistoric animals.

Steve Brusatte The truth about dinosaurs

The image of dinosaurs as drab, slow-witted reptilians is slowly being overturned - we talk to palaeontologist Steve Brusatte to find out how.