Instant Genius: DNA

Everything you need to know about the building blocks of life, from solving crimes to hunting the Loch Ness Monster — all using DNA.

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Here are even more fantastic features about DNA that we think you’ll love:

Jurassic Park's dinosaur DNA premise is not so simple in real life.

Researchers estimate that Europeans and Asians to have more equal levels of Neanderthal ancestry than previously thought, and say that for the first time they have found evidence in African…


People like Jo Cameron, who can’t feel any pain, could help us find the on-off switch for suffering.

Scientists have found that a low socioeconomic status affects genes at the DNA level.

CRISPR looks set to be the future of gene editing. But experts are cautioning that this revolutionary technique needs to be developed carefully. So what do the next few years hold?

Next year's on-trend diet serves up a dish that perfectly matches your DNA.