Instant Genius: Future Space Exploration

Everything you need to know about the future of exploring our Universe, from how we could leave Earth to what will replace the ISS.

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Here are even more fantastic features about space exploration that we think you’ll love:

Why should Mars get all the attention? There are so many more exciting places in our Solar System we could live.

Elisa Raffaella Ferrè What happens to the brain in space?

Psychologist Dr Elisa Raffaella Ferrè explains how a lack of gravity might change the way we think.


The landing of Chang'e 4 on the far side of the Moon is only start of China's groundbreaking lunar feats.

One of the Voyager’s founding scientists Garry Hunt tells us about the idea behind the image, how it shaped his life and how NASA has changed since the photo’s creation 30 years ago.

Comets may hold the secret to life on Earth. That’s why scientists are designing a mission that will pay a visit to one of these enigmatic, icy travellers to take a closer look.

The Moon is abundant in natural resources. But what would happen if we went there and extracted them?

Scientists want to return to Venus, so they can try to find out why it morphed from a pleasant planet into a fiery and inhospitable hell hole.

If the quest to become an interplanetary species becomes entirely propelled by profits, we risk losing sight of the values that make space exploration so important.