Instant Genius: Genetics

Everything you need to know about genetics, from nature vs nurture to personalised medicine.

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In the US, hundreds of long-forgotten cold cases are being reopened by detectives who mine new DNA databases for leads, but it seems time might be running out.

Understanding the iconic double helix form of the gene-carrying molecule DNA is one of our greatest scientific achievements.


With gene editing we’re close to curing certain diseases, but at the same time, rogue scientists are experimenting in ways considered unethical by the wider medical community. What does the future…

The discovery of DNA is one of our greatest scientific achievements – these are scientists who led to its discovery.

Wild ideas in science There's an off-switch for ageing

Long and healthy lives are on the horizon.

Scientists have found that a low socioeconomic status affects genes at the DNA level.

CRISPR looks set to be the future of gene editing. But experts are cautioning that this revolutionary technique needs to be developed carefully. So what do the next few years hold?

Next year's on-trend diet serves up a dish that perfectly matches your DNA.