Instant Genius: Gravity

Everything you need to know about gravity, from how gravitational waves are made to the hunt for antigravity.

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Here are even more fantastic features about gravity that we think you’ll love:

The quest for quantum gravity Why being wrong is essential to science

Theoretical physicist Fay Dowker says that scientific advances depend on debate.

Einstein’s General Relativity says gravity travels at the speed of light. Proving it is far from simple.


Despite the similarity in their names, the two are most likely unrelated. But the quantum world might hold more secrets yet...

Psychologist Dr Elisa Raffaella Ferrè wants to know how a lack of gravity will change the way we think.

Manipulating gravity isn’t the challenge, it’s how it could be used.

A brief history of gravity From apples to gravitational waves

Feel the full force of history in this quick introduction to gravity, electromagnetism and how we came to understand what’s keeping us stuck to the floor and orbiting the Sun.

Gravity is unique among the fundamental forces of the Universe – and also causes theorists enormous problems.

Fancy flying? Humans are a far way off manipulating gravity.