Instant Genius: Mars

Everything you need to know about Martian science: marsquakes, alien life, colonisation and more.

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Here are even more fantastic features about Mars that we think you’ll love:

NASA is sending another rover to search for signs of life.

Following the ‘virtual construction’ stage, the competing teams faced each other in a final ‘build-off’.


Mars Express images suggest liquid water once flowed freely carving out valleys up to 200km across and 200m deep.

Wild ideas in science We've already found life on Mars

The hunt for life on Mars is one of the hottest topics in astronomy right now. But one scientist thinks that we already found evidence of microbes, back when the Viking landers touched down in the…

By drilling into the surface of Mars, NASA's InSight mission could help us discover more about the structure of the Red Planet, and maybe help us understand the formation of other planets.

Moving to a planet with reduced gravity and cosmic radiation will present some challenges. And did we mention that the very ground beneath your feet could poison you?