Instant Genius: Microbiome

How the bacteria that call your body home affect your health and your mood - and what you can do about it.

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The microbes in your gut can help you to get thinner, be happier and live longer. Here’s how you can give them a helping hand…

Scientists found that while vaginally born babies got most of their gut bacteria – microbiome – from their mother, babies born via caesarean did not.


Some people have poo containing bacteria that could help cure those suffering from illnesses such as Clostridium difficile.

It is estimated that up to 75 per cent of cancer drugs do not work on the person they are prescribed for. This is because medicines are developed to work on 'the average person' when in fact all of…

Some people choose not to wash with soap, saying our modern, sanitary lives cause allergies, damage our immune system and even upset our microbiome. But can cleanliness really be a bad thing?

Trust Me, I’m A Doctor presenter and New BBC Focus columnist Michael Mosley investigates the microbiome and the many roles these Old Friends play in our body.