Instant Genius: Psychedelics

Everything you need to know about what psychedelics do to the brain, and how they could heal it.

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Here are even more fantastic features about drugs that we think you’ll love:

Every night, we experience an altered state of consciousness called dreaming. Could we harness this power to boost our mental health?

Vaping is still very new, compared to tobacco, so should we be wary about encouraging smokers to switch?


Drug research and development is a costly business, but occasionally some of the biggest discoveries arise from very unexpected side effects.

To understand why we take so many pills, we need to understand the history of medicinal drugs.

Can virtual reality really soothe pain? Jo Marchant meets the doctors who say yes, and who hope this is a solution to the country consuming 80 per cent of the world’s opioid supply: the United States…

Traditionally, expectant mothers have been excluded from clinical trials, but could this practice be doing more harm than good? Emily Anthes investigates.