Instant Genius: Quantum Theory

Everything you need to know about the weird world of physics on tiny scales. Wanted: quantum theory, dead and alive...

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Here are even more fantastic features about quantum physics that we think you’ll love:

Quantum physics is strange and confusing. John Gribbin argues in his book Six Impossible Things that it doesn't have to be quite so bad.

Quantum field theory doesn’t get much coverage in popular science and if you open any textbook on the subject you’ll see why.


There are many ways to interpret quantum mechanics, each weirder than the last. Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll says that the most plausible is the Many-Worlds theory.

To see how the quirky quantum behaviour of atoms influences everything around us, look no further than the humble fridge magnet.

Quantum cryptography sounds hard, but as this simple demonstration by Karl Svozil shows, it’s easily digestible (especially for chocolate lovers)

If you've never heard of quantum levitation, you soon will, as this demonstration video made by researchers at Tel-Aviv University is going viral. Watch the video below to be amazed, and read on to…

The Force in Star Wars suggests it may be a form of quantum entanglement. Here's how.