Instant Genius: Robots

Everything you need to know about robots, from robocops to whether they can think like us.

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Wild ideas in science Robots will never think like us

Artificial intelligence keeps getting smarter: it can thrash us at games, classify images and drive cars. But it can never imitate human thought.

One day we’ll look back at the world before our robot overlords took over and wonder why we got them cleaning windows and flipping burgers…


The Terminator might be the the eventual outcome from evolving robots, but we're still some way off from an army of Arnies just yet.

Self-assembling shelves, coffee tables morphing into bedside cabinets – the future might build itself...

Why have one robot when you could have a thousand all working together? Ian Taylor checks out the latest advancement in robotics...

When it comes to creating the robots of the future, we have a lot to learn from Mother Nature.

Robots are everywhere these days, but how close are they to thinking for themselves? Here are five intelligent robots showing the evolution of AI.

We don't have to rely on sci-fi when it comes to creating scary robots - scientist have been building terrifying (although incredibly useful) robotic humans for years.

Humans have been mastering the arts and creating music for thousands of years - how can we expect computers to do it in less than a century?

Humanoid robots that aren't quite human enough can trigger feelings of revulsion.

Robots have revolutionised industry, medicine and space travel, but they haven't always had such lofty ideals - here are a few retro robots from history doing everyday tasks.

The human race might soon have a new challenger - but it's probably not one of these sporting robots.