Instant Genius: Senses

Everything you need to know about senses, from the science of ASMR to supersensors in the animal kingdom.

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Here are even more fantastic features about the senses that we think you’ll love:

We teamed up with the folks behind BBC World Service's CrowdScience to answer your questions on one topic - this week it's all about animal senses.

The speed of each sense is fast but some much faster than others.


There may be subtle changes prior to an earthquake that animals are able to detect.

Something that smells so rotten surely can't be good for you, right?

Surprisingly, the mechanics of how we smell things and recognise odours still aren’t fully understood.

A scientist’s guide to life How to smell nice

It’s whiffy, it’s unpleasant, and many of us have suffered from the embarrassment it causes, but what is the best way to deal with body odour?

New study finds Queen frontman “rather skilful in adapting his laryngeal configuration to musical needs.”

Yum! It's a well known fact spag bol is more tasty after sitting for a few hours.

New study with The Brussels Beers Project and British band Editors finds music affects the way we perceive taste.

This Yuletide, materials expert Dr Zoe Laughlin talks to Helen Pilcher about trifle, turkey and family traditions.

Abnormalities in the visual cortex, which processes information from the eyes, could be the cause of migraines, a study has found.