Instant Genius: Sleep & Dreams

Everything you need to know about sleep, including the science of dreams and how to get a perfect night of rest.

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Here are even more fantastic features about sleep and dreams that we think you’ll love:

Our resident sleep expert gives us her top science-backed tips for helping the whole family get the best possible night’s sleep.

Not all of us have the luxury of sleeping in if we want to feel refreshed when we wake up, so here are some of the best sleep gadgets for getting a good night’s rest.


Up all night to get happy: psychiatrist Professor David Veale explains how sleep deprivation, under controlled conditions, can treat depression.

Every night, we experience an altered state of consciousness called dreaming. Could we harness this power to boost our mental health?

Ella Al-Shamahi tells us what makes our body clock tick, and why she is breaking a Commando's in a nuclear bunker.

Dr Penny Lewis engineers sleep to improve memory and brain function. But to really help your brain, she says you need to start with the basics.