Instant Genius: The brain

Everything you need to know about your brain, from how it works to what happens when it goes terribly wrong...

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Here are even more fantastic features about the brain that we think you’ll love:

Vegetative states Is anybody in there?

Groundbreaking new research has discovered that 15 per cent of coma patients might be conscious and aware of their surroundings. Now, the race is on to find out ways to bring them back.

Are your parents driving you up the wall? Try not to worry, they’re just as baffled by this as you are.


No one can give a first-person report on what it’s like to die, but near-death experiences and drug trips could offer us a glimpse beyond the veil.

Every night, we experience an altered state of consciousness called dreaming. Could we harness this power to boost our mental health?

Mind-machine interfaces have the potential to upgrade our intelligence and supercharge our thinking. But at what cost?

We can imagine that we must have the ultimate ‘inside knowledge’ of our minds. How wrong we are.