Science Book Club: Gender

Is science sexist? Why does the gender pay gap exist? What does 'male' and 'female' mean? Read stories on gender here while taking part in April's Science Focus Book Club.

We talk to Caroline Criado Perez about the gender data gap and how it causes everything from mild inconvenience to potential fatality.

Humans love to sort ourselves into neat boxes - by gender, race, sexual orientation and more. But, in this extract from Data Feminism, Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren F Klein argue that it's…


Professor Yannis Pitsiladis takes us through the science behind the debate.

Girls are not picking as many STEM A-levels as boys, while professional female scientists are dropping out of the field. Is it time for change?

Men and women have completely different biologies, and yet doctors prescribe the same drugs and doses to everyone, regardless of sex. The results can be damaging, even deadly. Is it time that…

We speak to Sarah Kember, Professor of New Technologies of Communication at Goldsmiths University about the problems getting women into STEM, the rise of scientism and why Amazon's Alexa is like Joan…

Male stereotypes are under increasing scrutiny. Psychologist Gary Barker explains why they are harmful, and what a progressive form of masculinity could look like.

Many girls are not choosing to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics at A-level and university. We wanted to find out why STEM subjects get a thumbs-down.

In the UK, women are paid around 10 per cent less than men, on average. One solution might be total pay transparency. Can it fix the problem and are we ready to talk about how much we earn?