Science Focus Book Club: Further reading on mental health and wellbeing

What causes mental health problems such as anxiety and depression? What is mindfulness, and is there any real benefit? Read stories on mental health and wellbeing here while taking part in July's Science Focus Book Club.

Living near the sea could support better mental health in England’s poorest communities, according to the study.

It’s good that there are now many official campaigns dedicated to raising awareness of the fact that mental health can go wrong, but why is it so necessary, and often so difficult, to raise such…


Mindfulness is the new fad for mental health, BBC Science Focus weighs up its effectiveness.

Neuropsychiatrist Professor Anthony David talks about why mental health stigma exists and whether it’s getting any better.

Many people swear by the benefits of cold water swimming, and scientists think that they might be on to something.

There’s no simple answer to treating depression because individual experience, and therefore success of treatments, depends on many factors.

Ommm…Arrrgh. Not everyone has positive experiences practicing meditation.

From politics to climate change, there’s a lot in the news to cause existential angst at the moment. Is it possible to think helpfully about these issues or are they too big?

Playing on Tetris can lead to a calm state of ‘flow’. We bet the same can’t be said of Red Dead Redemption.

The effects were most noticeable among those with depression and schizophrenia, researchers said.