Science Focus Book Club: Further reading on racism

What are the biggest scientific misconceptions about race? Where do racial biases come from, and can they be unlearned? Read stories on science and racism here while taking part in June's Science Focus Book Club.

We like to think of science as being balanced, accurate, and devoid of prejudice. Yet according to Angela Saini, racism is insidiously worming its way into research.

The Evelina London Children’s Hospital says around 70-80 per cent of the children it has treated for the syndrome are from a black, Asian and minority ethnic background.


Behavioural scientist Dr Pragya Agarwal explains why we all have implicit biases and how we can unlearn them.

From Nazi medicine to GM babies, unethical research has a deeply problematic history. But what should we do when the results of these studies could offer useful scientific insight?

Angela Saini Inequality in Science

We talk to Angela Saini about the science of gender and race, and about how to even the playing field.

Geneticist Dr Adam Rutherford quashes the ‘proof’ that people use to justify their racist beliefs.

Every time we glance at our phones or check our social media, we are met by irate tweets and rage-inducing headlines. Why are we all so furious, and is the always-on culture making us angrier?

Geneticist Adam Rutherford refutes ‘scientific’ claims made to affirm racist beliefs, and tells us why science needs to stand up to racism.

A history of dangerous ideas Adam Pearson on the lasting effect of eugenics

Co-host of the new BBC documentary Eugenics: Science’s Greatest Scandal, speaks to us about making the documentary and discovering what his life would’ve been like as a disabled man in…

Humans love to sort ourselves into neat boxes - by gender, race, sexual orientation and more. But, in this extract from Data Feminism, Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren F Klein argue that it's…