Science Focus Book Club: Further reading on physics © Getty Images

Science Focus Book Club: Further reading on physics

Why does the Earth's magnetic field reverse? What's our relationship with the Sun? Find out more about physics while taking part in August's Science Focus Book Club.

New research proposes a link between plate tectonics and reversals of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Some go to great lengths to understand the world around us – here are three extraordinary experiments from the history of science.


What if we lost the Earth’s magnetic field? That’s the question Professor Jim Al-Khalili tackles in his new novel, Sunfall. What threats from space does that leave us vulnerable to, and how might we…

With global warming a hot topic of debate, you may be surprised by how close our heat threshold is to the current global temperature.

We love the Sun and depend on it completely. Manchester's Science and Industry Museum explores our fascination with it.

The magnetic north pole is rocketing towards Siberia at 50 kilometres per year. Why is this happening, and what does it mean for us?

If you're interested in picking up a good science book, physicist Jim Al-Khalili picks out his favourite on the subject of physics.

From high-energy X-rays to long-wavelength radio waves, what electromagnetic radiation does the Sun emit and where in the Sun does this radiation come from?

We’ve visited Pluto and the outer reaches of the Solar System, and our rovers are trundling over the surface of Mars. Yet the Sun has remained stubbornly out of reach… until now.

We asked Jim the most-searched-for physics questions on Google and he gave us a guided tour of the key ideas and unsolved mysteries in physics.