Science Focus Education Pack: Climate change

Download the third part of the Science Focus Education Pack here to learn all about climate change.

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The Science Focus Education Pack is a new series of worksheets aimed at Key Stage 3 and 4 students. Part 3 covers climate change, with a quiz, a set of questions based on a feature, and a project idea.

The quiz questions are on the worksheet, but if you prefer, you can also do it here:

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Here are even more features about climate change:

Global warming has come to the top of the agenda for many people in recent years, but have we done enough to halt rising CO2 levels?

The former executive secretary of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change talks to us about what we need to do to save the planet.


We speak to Bob Ward, the policy and communications director for the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

Scientists have located a gene in barley responsible for drought resistance.

This extract from A Better Planet: 40 Big Ideas for a Sustainable explains how taxing carbon and creating a 'climate club' could pressure nations to take action on climate change.

Studies on moss have found an increase in Antarctica’s plant growth over the past 50 years, which scientists say is caused by climate change.

Urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions will limit damage to oceans and frozen areas and the people and wildlife that rely on them, report says.

It won't be easy, but clean energy analyst Chris Goodall believes that the UK is entirely capable of becoming carbon neutral.