8 of the wildest ideas in science that will blow your mind

As Albert Einstein once said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” So with that in mind, here are our picks of the most radical theories in science.

The first science book I ever read blew my mind. I can’t remember the name of the book, but I know who it was written by: Marcus Chown.

In it he explained, in his effortless way, how the Universe began and how it might all end. To this day, the sense of wonder that Marcus’s writing inspired epitomises what makes science, and writing and reading about it, so special.

I want to share this scientific wonder with you all, and so this special feature celebrates some of the most mind-expanding ideas in science right now. From the search for dark matter to the quest to end ageing, there’s hopefully something for everyone.

Wild ideas in science Dark matter might be under our feet

Most of the Universe is made up of dark matter. The problem is, we haven’t found it. But one team thinks we could discover its imprints lurking in rocks.

Wild ideas in science Robots will never think like us

Artificial intelligence keeps getting smarter: it can thrash us at games, classify images and drive cars. But it can never imitate human thought.


Wild ideas in science Babies without pregnancy

Artificial wombs may give premature babies a better chance of survival. But could they transform reproductive rights too?

Wild ideas in science Death is reversible

Earlier this year, scientists brought dead pig brains back to life, provoking huge ethical quandaries in the process.

Wild ideas in science Mushrooms could save the world

Mushrooms are pretty darn good sprinkled over a pizza or served alongside bacon, but they’re even better when used to soak up toxic waste, create clothes, or revolutionise construction.

Wild ideas in science We've already found life on Mars

The hunt for life on Mars is one of the hottest topics in astronomy right now. But one scientist thinks that we already found evidence of microbes, back when the Viking landers touched down in the…

Wild ideas in science Plants could be conscious

Bad news for veg lovers – one researcher thinks there might be evidence that plants can learn and remember.

Wild ideas in science There's an off-switch for ageing

Long and healthy lives are on the horizon.