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Am I helping or hindering the bee population by eating honey?

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Buzz, buzz, buzz. Some honey may be back on the menu but our busy, yellow and black striped friends still need help in other ways.

Asked by: Amy Rouse, via email


It depends on the brand of honey you buy. Most supermarket honey is imported, and farming methods overseas, particularly in China, may be weakening the honey bees’ immune system.

Buying local, non-blended honey is much better since small-scale producers have a vested interest in preserving the health of their hives. But the real threat to bees comes from habitat loss, not honey harvesting. Planting wild flowers in your garden and buying organic vegetables (to reduce pesticide use, which can poison bees) makes a much bigger difference.

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luis villazon
Luis VillazonQ&A expert

Luis trained as a zoologist, but now works as a science and technology educator. In his spare time he builds 3D-printed robots, in the hope that he will be spared when the revolution inevitably comes.


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