Are there any animals that prepare or cook their food? © Getty

Are there any animals that prepare or cook their food?

Some Delias and Gordons of the animal world are out there, and although they still stick to a raw food diet, they certainly know how to prepare food.

Asked by: Alex Moran, Dublin


We’re the only animals who cook our food, but others certainly join us in the prepping department. For example, adult bigheaded ants place food onto the bellies of their larvae for them to spit enzymes onto, resulting in a more easily digestible meal.

In the bird world, shrikes (also called butcher birds) impale poisonous lubber grasshoppers on thorns for up to two days to allow time for the toxins to degrade before tucking in.

Capuchin monkeys leave ripe palm nuts to dry in the Sun so that they can more easily crack the tough shells, while Japanese macaques have been known to wash potatoes, fed to them by researchers, before seasoning them in salt water!

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