Nine wasp facts that'll get you buzzing about them © iStock

Nine wasp facts that’ll get you buzzing about them

Wasps and hornets might have you swatting the air and looking for the best way to kill these BBQ blighters, but Adam Hart says that these striped insects are horribly misunderstood…


A wasp for all seasons

Wasp populations fluctuate in two-year and possibly seven-year cycles that are driven by factors related to the biology of wasps and the climate over the preceding year. Cold winters are good for wasps because queens remain in the relative safety of torpor longer, emerging later in spring when there are more resources to support them.  Press reports of ‘wasp invasions’ typically appear in late May and June but are usually premature. A native insect having a good year is hardly an invasion!


Big buzzer

A two-year-old German wasp nest found in Tasmania in April 2015 weighed a scale-busting 90kg.