Spooky aye-aye caught on camera © ZSL

Spooky aye-aye caught on camera

It seems this baby aye-aye is creeping out of its haunted mansion (read: nesting box) at ZSL just in time for Halloween.

Just in time for Halloween, this spooky baby aye-aye has emerged from its nestbox at London Zoo for the first time.

The aye-aye was born on 1 July and has been christened ‘Malcolm’ by the zookeepers.

“The birth of an aye-aye for the first time at ZSL London Zoo is a real triumph,” said zoological manager Mark Habben, “Due to their solitary and nocturnal nature, their habits are difficult to observe – they eat, sleep, mate and even travel high up in trees.”

Video: ZSL – Zoological Society of London

Aye-ayes are an endangered species of lemur and are native to the island of Madagascar. According to the legends, if the aye-aye points its unusually long middle finger at you, then you will die. In reality, aye-ayes are not portents of doom – unless you’re a grub, in which case they’ll use that finger to hook you from your snug hiding place in a tree.


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