1. Seagrass colony (Posidonia oceanica)

100,000 years old


Balearic Islands, Spain

2. ‘Pando’

Quaking aspen colony

80,000 years old

Fishlake National Forest, Utah

3. ‘Jurupa Oak’

Palmer’s oak colony

13,000 years old

Jurupa Mountains, California

4. Mojave yucca

12,000 years old

Mojave Desert, California

5. Huon pine colony

10,500 years old

Mount Reed, Tasmania

6. ‘Old Tjikko’ Norway spruce

9,550 years old

Fulufjället Mountains, Sweden

7. ‘Old Rasmus’ Norway spruce

9,500 years old

Härjedalen, Sweden

8. Antarctic moss

5,500 years old

Elephant Island, Antarctica

9. Bristlecone pine

5,066 years old

White Mountains, California

10. ‘Methuselah’ Bristlecone pine

4,848 years old

White Mountains, California

*Including clonal colonies with interconnected root systems, but discounting plants without reliably determined ages


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