What endangered animals and plants have been saved? © Getty Images

What endangered plants and animals have been saved?

After years of conservation effort Giant Pandas have been downgraded from endangered to vulnerable by the IUCN. There have been many other success stories.

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There have been many stories of population recovery in many countries, from the American bald eagle to the Lord Howe Island woodhen and the Cambodian spot-billed pelican. My personal favourite is the Australian bridled nail-tailed wallaby (above). It was thought to be extinct until a remnant population was discovered in Queensland in the mid-1970s, and saved partly through the work of my daughter as a PhD student.

Among plants, the Australian Wollemi pine stands out. Thought to be long extinct, it was discovered in a single location that is still kept secret. Its survival is assured through specimens grown from seed and now distributed around the world.


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